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ResearchUVA Updates

Over the last few months, we released the following to ResearchUVA. These are the result of feedback from across the community and OSP staff. Thank you for your contributions!

  • Additional eSPAR types were added:
    • "End Grant or Contract Early" consolidation of Award Relinquishment and Early Termination.
    • Other Sponsor Prior Approval.
    • Other Request "catch all" for cases that definitely do not fit into the main types.
  • "Finalized-xx/xx/xxxx" comment in an action additional info box is now bolded for easier identification and separation from other comments.
  • Additional information section added to eSPAR summary pages to accommodate a request from the field. This allows the field to see the relevant information on the summary pages without having to navigate to the form edit page.
  • Modifications to how the Key personnel section of the ePRF works. The page will now conditionally allow personnel to be added to a proposal based on their employment status with the university. This essentially will prevent Med center and UPG employees with no academic appointment from being added to an ePRF.
  • Program Income accounts are now automatically associated with the correct sponsor account, similar to the way cost share companion accounts are.
  • New IRB numbering format accommodated on ePRF.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email We would love to hear from you.