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Click on a section below to get guidance on completing an eSPAR form in ResearchUVA. 

The eSPAR form currently supports the following types of requests: At-Risk Preliminary, Just in Time, Offer Acknowledgement, At-Risk Extension, Change PI, and Change Scope. If you still have questions, reach out to your OSP contact or send a note to

  • Getting Started

  • Post Proposal Requests

    • At-Risk Preliminary (used to request a completely new award setup without a final award document, initial, or subsequent modification)
    • Just in Time (used when a sponsor requests additional information for a proposal that has been submitted but not yet awarded)
    • Offer Acknowledgement (used when a sponsor sends an offer notice before a NOA and requires a response)
  • Project Requests

  • Award Requests

  • Non Financial Reporting

    • Reporting (used to request submission of a non financial report on an award)


Getting Started