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What we're working on

ResearchUVA is being developed using an Agile software approach, which means that the software is scoped, planned, implemented, and released iteratively.

This approach makes it possible to continuously gather user feedback, evaluate user behavior, and assess requirements, with the end goal of delivering a product that adds value for the end user sooner. The ResearchUVA leadership and development teams evaluate priorities each week and engage the Research Administration Improvement Team and other stakeholders to plan and schedule near terms priorities and anticipate future tasks. You will notice that schedules change often in this approach. This is a result of the feedback and evaluation cycle.

While the software is always under development, some of the functionality will be more apparent to the end user than others. The ongoing development priorities consist of a mix of improvements to the architecture and underlying technology, the addition of entirely new functionality, and the correction of bugs. Many of these items will be noted in our news posts describing the outcomes of new releases.

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