Using the eNFA

Using the eNFA


The University of Virginia’s electronic Non-Funded Agreement request process (eNFA), developed and issued by the Office of Sponsored Programs in collaboration with UVA schools, as well as the Office of the Vice President for Research, serves a critical purpose in the administration of Non-Funded Agreements (NFAs) at the University. This form collects demographic information regarding proposed research-related agreements of importance on a strategic and compliance level. The integrity of NFA information thus greatly contributes to the quality and efficiency of transactions related to research, as well as the quality and efficiency of reporting on research-related activities. Ensuring this integrity is a shared responsibility.

General Instructions

The eNFA is to be used when there is a request for an agreement related to research; however, that agreement itself does not involve the transfer of funds. A term that states a party will pay de minimis costs, for example in the case of a Material Transfer Agreement for the shipping, would not be considered “funding” for the purposes of this form. Thus, an eNFA (rather than a PRF) should be used when there is a term for payment of de minimis costs. Please request a draft agreement or template from the outside entity. Availability of a draft or template may reduce the negotiation time of the agreement. If no draft or template is available from the outside entity, then UVA can provide a draft or template agreement.

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