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Sprint 9

High-level Theme of Sprint 9 (Jan 2 - Jan 22):

The primary focus of this sprint will be the continued work on Sponsor Award functionality and Sponsor award increments.  The team is also starting to put more emphasis on the user interface and workflow related to Sponsor Award modifications.  The team will additional work on hardening the scheduled JUICE feeds to allow the JUICE console to run in the current format while the work developing new JUICE logic is transitioned to OSP.

Sprint Details:

Sponsor Award:

  • Modifications to Sponsor Award entry tabs based on feedback from the output of prior sprints
  • Sponsor Award Increments
    • Functionality and logic associated with initial award increment selection (i.e. logic that determines which award increments will be entered based on a user selection)
    • Progress indicators and logic for saving work.
    • Additional logic for the display and handling of cost share component of an award increment.
  • Developer spikes related to building out the user interface and workflow for handling modifications to existing Sponsor Awards. 

Juice Data Feed Development:

  • Modifications to the current Juice daily feeds to make them more fault tolerant and automatically deliver the generated files to a shared file location for vetting by OSP prior to posting to Juice. 
  • Developer spikes related to transitioning the Juice efforts to OSP for ongoing development and maintenance of JUICE data feeds.