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Sprint 6


The primary focus of this sprint will be to continue the build out of the Sponsor Award functionality, continuing to treat this work as developer spikes as the data entry and workflow options are evaluated.  The team will start to put focus on modifying the Oracle data feeds to take advantage of the real time access to Oracle data.  Additional work refining the “de-bundling” of JUICE data feeds along with modifications to the User Interface to allow on-demand sending of the data for use by JUICE. 


Sponsor Award:
  • Continue the scoping and refinement of the Sponsor Award management as a result of feedback from work performed in Sprint 5

Real-Time Oracle Data Access:

  • Perform data gap analysis of real-time views against the current “static” views used by the nightly processes.  This will tell the team if the real-time views provide all of the same data points available in the current views that are only refreshed nightly. 
  • Modifications to data console to take advantage of the real time views, allowing up to date data from the integrated system to be available within Research UVa. 

Juice Data Feed Development:

  • Complete build a tool to ensure our data goes to Juice without the need for additional scrubbing. . Moving all logic to populate each field out of the Juice processes and into the Research UVa processes to gain further control over the data being provided. 
  • Add ability for OSP to send the Juice file feed on-demand as data may change throughout the day.  This will complement work being done on the Juice end to allow the data to be updated more than once a day.