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Sprint 5

High-level Theme of Sprint 5 (Oct 10 - 30):

The primary focus of this sprint will be the initial build out of the Award Increment functionality on a more conceptual level by treating the current work as developer spikes to evaluate data entry options and workflow. We’ll also continue work on the “de-bundling” of Juice data feeds along with modifications to the User Interface to allow on-demand sending of the data for use by Juice. 

Sprint Details:

  • Juice Data Feed Development:
    • Initial work to build a tool to ensure our data goes to Juice without the need for additional scrubbing. Moving all logic to populate each field out of the Juice processes and into the Research UVa processes to gain further control over the data being provided.
    • Add ability for OSP to send the Juice file feed on-demand as data may change throughout the day.  This will complement work being done on the Juice end to allow the data to be updated more than once a day. 

  • Award Budget Increments:
    • Add “expanded” view of Award Increments on the Proposal Details page
    • Conduct Award Increment creation discovery and prototyping
    • Make modifications to Award Details page to display the budget and award components
    • Investigate award and proposal budget data conversion
    • Make modifications to Proposal Details page to display award budget period and award increment pieces
    • Develop edit pages for Sponsor Awards to capture the sponsor award “promise”
    • Make modifications to Action Details pages to include a basic listing of any award increments where relevant
    • Make modifications to the display of budget years on the Sponsor Award Details page
  • User Interface Enhancement:
    • Depending on the proposal type selected for an ePRF, display the lined Proposal or Award on the proposal page of the ePRF

Read about the production release of Sprint 5.