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Sprint 4

High-level theme of Sprint 4 (Sept 19 - Oct 9):

Continue to work on the architecture and implementation to allow the collection of award increments and sponsor award information. Initial work to move Non-Competing Continuations (NCCs) out of the proposal process and into the action work flow in an effort to capture that information more accurately and prevent that information from skewing any proposal reporting. Modifications to the data delivery for the Juice analytics data feeds, and report design for tracking signature review for agreements submitted for institutional endorsement.

Sprint 4 Details:

  • Award Authority Increments/Award Budget Years/”Sponsor “Award data capture
    • Continuing work on the database architecture and schema implementation
    • Creation of basic data entry, display pages and workflow for Sponsor Awards Award Increments.
  • Non-Competing Continuation Modifications
    • Removal of Non-Competing Continuations (NCCs) from ePRF and proposal workflow
    • Creation of NCC action type and introduction into action workflow
    • Modifications to Pre-Award dashboards for management of NCCs
  • JUICE Analytics data feeds
    • Modifications to the JUICE data feeds to better accommodate the Research UVa data structure to improve the reporting
    • Provide the ability to send the JUICE data feeds “on-demand” in addition to the automatic generation each morning
  • Reporting
    • Generate reporting view to track time for review and signature for agreements submitted to signatory for institutional endorsement
  • Stretch Goals
    • Developer Spikes related to accessing and utilizing real time Oracle data access

Read about the production release of Sprint 4.