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Sprint 2

High-level Theme of Sprint 2 (Aug 8 - 28):

Enhancements to the ePRF, workflow, and administrative functionality. User Interface enhancements to aid in grid organization. Addressing technical debt related to proposals and workflow. 


Sprint Details:

  • Workflow enhancements for the ePRF.
    • Functionality to improve the flow for the field to send back for review with comments.
    • Grid customizations for Proposals In Process Grids.
  • Additional form validation rules (e.g., warn users when they enter odd date combinations).
  • Modifications for the handling and displaying of any abandoned ePRFs. 
  • Technical debt:
    • Conversion of customer data in proposal records to use customer ID instead of customer name.
  • Administrative enhancements.
    • Administrative override for association requirements.
    • Automatic team assignments based on automatic action assignments currently in the system.