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ResearchUVA Updates

Over the last month, we released the following to ResearchUVA. These are the result of feedback from across the community and OSP staff. Thank you for your contributions!

  • Modified the people search when adding key personnel to proposals to accommodate emeritus faculty.
  • General changes to eSPAR forms based on feedback:
    • Added optional sponsor deadline field to all reporting eSPARs
    • Added additional answers from PRF to all post proposal eSPAR for easy reference
    • General spelling and verbiage changes across all eSPAR forms
    • Fixed rendering issues with Transaction controls eSPAR form
    • Added optional sponsor due date to JIT eSPAR
    • Modified right hand side help menu to break out FAQ's by form.
    • Allow multi document upload on "Other contract mod" eSPAR and note multiple is allowed on the document summary grid.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email We would love to hear from you.