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Extract Intelligence from ResearchUVA Using Juice

Graphic announcing Juice is now live, showing a line graph from Juice

It's finally here! OSP launches Juice, ResearchUVA’s Sponsored Programs Dashboard*

On October 30, the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) launched Juice, ResearchUVA's data analytics and visualization platform, developed to give the UVA community up-to-date insight and facilitate data-driven decision-making in UVA’s research enterprise. Juice replaces the Excel file of historic OSP data that was available for download on the department's website.

“We have seen an enormous commitment from the schools to partner with OSP to get clean data into ResearchUVA so that we can get reliable and accurate insights out of Juice,” says Elizabeth Adams, Assistant Vice President, Research Administration in OSP. “Data is indispensable when it comes to developing research strategy and making investments, at the same time as being critical to achieving research compliance and mitigating risk. I want to thank everyone for the efforts they’ve made, and continue to make, in developing data fluency and data-friendly business processes in our research enterprise.”

Access data like never before

ResearchUVA is at the center of UVA’s strategic goals relating to sponsored program growth, helping us become more competitive, more compliant, and more intelligent in our research activity. Using Juice, we extract the power of our raw data to give us insight into our work today so we can plan for tomorrow:

  • Track proposal, award and expenditure activities, month by month and for specific periods
  • View high-level metrics or drill down into more detailed components of our data
  • Look at data by school, department, sponsor, and investigator
  • View the data you are most interested in by setting up customized filters

"We’ve been working hard on the Juice app for several months and ran a pilot earlier this year to gauge user response and identify ways to improve the functionality, prior to this rollout," says Vonda Durrer, Senior Director, Electronic Research Administration in OSP. "Users told us they loved the self-service nature of the app and its overall user-friendly functionality. The positive responses were a testament to the great work the OSP and ITS Custom Applications & Consulting Services (CACS) teams have been doing. We're excited to roll this app across Grounds and to hear what more people think!"

Get started

You can access Juice though ResearchUVA (you'll be prompted for your NetBadge credentials). Click the Juice link on the left menu bar and from there, once you're in the Juice app, you'll be able to explore funding data across multiple dimensions, answering many questions about the UVA research enterprise over time.

There are two different applications in Juice: the UVA Sponsored Programs Dashboard, which is meant to show the most up to date information and is updated daily; and the UVA BOV Quarterly Report, which shows static information that reflects quarterly, and year-end information that has been reported to the University's Board of Visitors.

Take a tour and explore

Before you start generating reports, we recommend you take some time to get familiar with the Using Juice documentation on this site to understand not only the tool but also the context of the data in Juice. Take a tour, and spend some time reviewing the Using Juice information as well as the FAQs so you are able to extract accurate information from the app.

Click on the “Take a tour” button in the top right corner of either Juice application for a quick overview of the application. Note that there are two tours in the Sponsored Programs Dashboard--one for Trend Analysis and one for Detail Analysis. After that, take some time to explore the apps and their functionality. Play around, hovering your cursor and clicking data points to see how you can drill down into information more deeply and extract the information you need and want.

Screen capture of Take a Tour button in Sponsored Programs Dashboard

Attend a training session in November

We are running four training sessions in November to introduce attendees to the major features and capabilities of the dashboard. Find out more about the training here. And if you can't find what you're looking for in our materials, email, referencing Juice in the subject line, or call Nikita Mokhariwale at 434.243.8976.

*We created the dashboard in collaboration with a company called Juice Analytics and the Juice name has stuck! Sometimes you’ll hear people use “Juice” and the ResearchUVA “Sponsored Programs Dashboard" interchangeably. It’s the same thing.