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Juice Demos Running this November

Graphic announcing Juice training and showing a line graph from Juice

Learn more about working with Juice, a reporting and analytics platform for sponsored program data at UVA

With the official launch of UVA's Juice dashboard within ResearchUVA on October 30, the UVA research community will have access to a wealth of analytics about UVA's research activity.

We'll be running the first hour-long training sessions in November to introduce attendees to the major features and capabilities of the dashboard, highlighting how to interact with the data to see trends and details across proposals, awards, expenditures, fiscal years, sponsors, departments, and many other dimensions. Presenters from the Office of Sponsored Program's Electronic Research Administration team will show attendees how to answer common questions on sponsored research activities while looking at year over year change within a subset of data. Presenters will also discuss limitations of the current data and future directions for the dashboard. 

To register, 1) log into the Integrated System, and 2) click on the link below for the session you would like to attend.

We'll be holding separate sessions for users in SEAS and SOM as well; please look for information from research administration in those schools.