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How to Look at PI Activity

In this blog, we explain a few of the ways you can look at Principal Investigator (PI) activity by school or department. Setting filters correctly in Juice is one of the most important things users can do to help them generate specific reports and intelligence from ResearchUVA.



First select the Detail Analysis tab.

Then set the filters for the timeframe you want to review. You can select timeframes by dates, one fiscal year, or even multiple fiscal years together.

Next select Investigator as the focus area for the ranked list:

Scroll down the page to see a breakout of proposals by investigator. The screen capture below shows information about all PIs at UVA in descending order of number of proposals:

Remember, you can look at the data by Proposals, Awards and Expenditures and can toggle between them all. The same goes for looking at counts and dollar values too. Below, we’ve selected Awards and Award Dollars. Note the ranked list of PIs has changed.



To look at PIs by School or Department, all you need to do is change the filter settings. We’ve selected Curry as School in the example below:  


Expand the data you’re looking at to include more fiscal years:

You can also look at specific fiscal years by Department. We’ve selected the Biology department in the example below:

You can also add more departments to look at multiple departments together. On the main screen, hovering over the filter displays the names of Departments included in the filter. In the example below, Biology, Chemistry and Physics departments have been selected:

You can also look at information in a visual graphic that illustrates the flow of Proposal, Awards, and Expenditures between Schools and Sponsors. In the example below, we looked at the awards received by a specific PI from the School of Medicine. We set the filters by Investigator name and the time period (FY17).

The visualization shows this PI worked with three different sponsors in FY17, and breaks down the percentage of research dollars the PI received from each sponsor. 

Hover your cursor over areas of the graphic or click on an area to see more information. If you scroll down the page further, you can see more details about the award.



There are a variety of ways to download data. Look for this at the bottom of tables and data visualization graphics.

NOTE: if you select to download an image of the data, Juice generates an image of data for the top 10 PIs. For the complete list, select the Data download option.


In Juice, it’s easy to save your customized filters so you can use them every time you log back into Juice to save you time and effort.

The Adjust Filters button takes you to the filters menu. The small ribbon icon next to it helps you save your selection of filters as a custom filter. You can save filters using “Save new +” button and providing a custom name for it. A delete icon (the trash can) appears on all the filters you save, in case you want to delete them.

NOTE: Filters can be carried over between the Trend Analysis and Detail Analysis views, by using the “Carry the same filters” button at the bottom of the screen.

For general information about using Juice, watch our video and review our FAQs.