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Sprint 3

High-level theme of Sprint 3 (Aug 29 - Sept 18):

Continued enhancements to the ePRF workflow and usability. Modifications to the Non Funded Agreement (NFA) functionality to align with upcoming changes to the NFA PDF form. Preliminary efforts to architect and implement changes to the system to support the capture of award budget increments. 


Sprint Details:

  • ePRF functionality enhancements:
    • Preliminary reporting for Clinical Trial workflow data.
    • Expose salary and appointment type on summary screen.
    • Modifications to OSP proposal dashboard.
    • Administrative ability to change a proposal type after it has been started.
    • After the Fact (ATF) Proposal functionality.
    • Additional automation to ePRF creation.
  • Non Funded Agreement Modifications:
    • Modifications to form layout and questions to match upcoming NFA PDF.
    • Modifications to NFA types in the system to match the selections on the upcoming NFA PDF.
  • Technical Debt:
    • Removal of unused 3rd party libraries from code base.
    • .Net framework upgrades.
  • Account Budget Period Functionality:
    • Architecture and exploration of user experience related to adding Award Budget period and associated award budget increments functionality.

Read about the production release of Sprint 3.